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Dr. Andrea Fratalocchi is an Assistant Professor in the Computer, Electrical and Mathematical Sciences and Engineering Division. He joined KAUST in January 2011.

Prior to joining KAUST, Dr. Fratalocchi was a KAUST Research Fellow, working at Sapienza University under the KAUST Fellowship Award. From 2007 to 2009, Fratalocchi worked as a post-doctoral researcher at Sapienza University under a grant from the research center “Enrico Fermi.” Dr. Fratalocchi has long-standing expertise as a referee of the highest impact-factor journals, including Nature(s) and Physical Review Letters, as well as writing international projects and organizing conferences. In 2012  he was appointed as Editor of Nature Scientific Report, the newest journal of Nature Publishing Group.

After two years of work at Kaust, Dr. Fratalocchi graduated several MS students that received offers and got enrolled in the PhD program of top class institutions such EPFL (Switzerland), ETH (Switzerland), Max-Borne Institute (Germany), Cambridge University (UK) and UC Berkley (USA).

Andrea Fratalocchi strongly collaborates with US and EU partners. He is a member of the Complex-Energy Consortium, a international group of 6 Universities (from both USA and Europe) and two private institutions (CUP Science in Los Angeles and the Fraunhofer Institute in Germany) aimed at developing a new disruptive technology for solar energy production. He also collaborates with Cambridge University (Prof. Peter Markowich), Harvard University (Prof. Federico Capasso), University of St. Andrews (Prof. T. Krauss), EPFL (Prof. Pierre Magistretti), Australia National University (Prof. Y. S. Kivshar), Sapienza University (Prof. Giancarlo Ruocco), Birmingham University (Prof. S. Turitsyn) and University of Ferrara (prof. Stefano Trillo).

At Jan 2015, Andrea Fratalocchi has authored more than 100 articles, which resulted in more than 1200 citations, reaching an “h-factor” of 22 in 10 years of research from the starting of his PhD.

Andrea Fratalocchi’s favourite sentence: “Disce aut discede” [“Learn or leave”]

Contact Details

Prof. A. Fratalocchi, PhD

Faculty of Electrical Engineering; Applied Mathematics and Computational Science
P. O. Box 2949
4700 King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST)
Thuwal 23955-6900
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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