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Gaël Favraud is a Post Doctoral Fellow at Primalight.

He was born in Paris (France) and grew up in the region of Paris. After obtaining his BSc in Mathematics and Computer Science from Université de Cergy-Pontoise (France) he joined École Polytechnique (Palaiseau, France) where he obtained his Engineer Degree in Fluid Mechanics.

His interests in arts in general, and in music in particular, led him to perform several research projects focused on musical acoustics. This encounter with acoustics was an opportunity for him discover how fascinating is the field of acoustics, and waves physics more generally.

He decided to pursue studies by obtaining a MSc in Acoustics from Université de Maine (Le Mans, France), and started a PhD in Acoustics in that same university. During his PhD he focused on two different topics. He studied how vortices and acoustic waves can interact in complex shear flows, and lead to the formation of acoustic waves from vortices. He also developed a new method based on conformal mappings and modal decomposition methods to compute the scattering of waves from rough surfaces.

After his PhD, he did a first Post Doc at ESPCI (Paris) working this time on another type of waves: water waves. He performed there a research on the cloaking of a submerged cylinder, developing a water wave analogue to scattering cancellations techniques existing in electromagnetism.

He arrived in KAUST for a second Post Doc in September 2014, to work this time on photonics in the Primalight Group. His work here focuses on new advanced metamaterials relying on randomness.

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