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Changxu Liu is a PhD student in King Abdullah University of Science and Technology. He is going to join the Primalight group of Prof. Andrea Fratalocchi in fall 2011.

Changxu got his BS of electronics science in Tongji University, Shanghai, China. His research, focused on Electrostatic Discharge protection and done in collaboration with·the Semiconductor Manufacturing International Cooperation, won the graduation thesis prize among his University. Changxu also won the graduation prize as the student number one of his department.

After the Bachelor, Changxu moved to United States and got a MS in electrical engineer from the University of Rochester, under the guide of Prof Hanan Dery. During his MS, Changxu did a research in spintronics, in the area of spin transportation in semiconductors.

Before coming to KAUST, Changxu was a PhD student at Stony Brook University (NY, USA), working with Prof. Gregory Benlenky. He was mainly researching in  nfra-red GaSb based LED processing, doing experiments and Band structure modeling of quantum well using envelope function approximation.

At Primalight, Changxu will work on the area of many-body solitons, mainly focusing on the numerical analysis of new types of emergent properties arising from collective interactions of nonlinear waves.

Changxu’s Publications:

  • Liu, C., Di Falco, A., Fratalocchi, A., “Dicke phase transition with multiple superradiant states in quantum chaotic resonators”, Physical Review X 4 (2), 021048 (2014).
  • Liu, C., Di Falco, A., Molinari, D., (…), Krauss, T.F., Fratalocchi, A., Nature Photonics 7 (6), pp. 473-478 (2013).
  • Liu, C., Di Falco, A., Fratalocchi, A., “Observation of superradiant phase transition in quantum chaos”, CLEO US (2014)
  • Liu, C., Di Falco, A., Krauss, T.F., Fratalocchi, A., “Chaos-assisted, broadband trapping of light”, CLEO US (2014)
  • Liu, C., Falco, A.D., Krauss, T.F., Fratalocchi, A., “Rogue waves generated through quantum chaos“, CLEO EU (2013)

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