Advanced Nanocpp Electrodynamics
November 13th, 2011TutorialsJuan Sebastian Totero Gongora 0 Comments

In place, Fourier analysis of fields and energy patterns At the basic level, Nanocpp provides a comprehensive FDTD simulator that can be used by properly setting the *.in files. At a higher level, Nanocpp can be used as an FDTD library to perform more advanced electrodynamics parallel calculations. In these example, we will study how […]

Hands-on BBMD: a tutorial
August 18th, 2011TutorialsJuan Sebastian Totero Gongora 0 Comments

BBMD Tutorial: MD study of a glass transition   In this tutorial we will learn the parallel code BBMD by studying the glass transition of a binary mixture of soft spheres. Details of the parallel structure of BBMD can be found here. In order to start our simulation, cd to <BBMD ROOT>/newsim. The directory contains […]

Hands-on NANOCPP: a tutorial
June 30th, 2011TutorialsJuan Sebastian Totero Gongora 0 Comments

The first simulation We begin by considering the simplest situation of a 2D dipole source propagating in the free space. From the Nanocpp root directory, move in the default directory: cd newsim/ There are several files: newsim $ ls newsim $ angles.in· CVS· geometry.in· input.in· makefile· myfile.cc· spectr.m for this simulation, we need to edit […]

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