Fedor Getman


PhD Student

Fedor completed his bachelor and master degree at Pisa University with a thesis on THz Near-field microscopy at National Enterprise for Nano-Science and Nano-Technology (NEST) of Pisa. He participated in organizing and teaching multiple stages addressed to high school students for preparation of the math and physics Olympiads. 

Fedor joined primalight in January 2018. Fedor’s research focuses on  fabrication of nanostructures for wavefront engineering and optical neural networks

email: fedor.getman@kaust.edu.sa

location: building 1, level 4, 4200-SW38

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Fratalocchi, Andrea; Lopez, Arturo Burguete; Makarenko, Maxsim; Getman, Fedor

Flat optics polarizing beam splitter Miscellaneous

App. No. 62/799,324 (Pending), 2019, (50 nm thin metasurface technology for controlling vectorial light beams with 99% experimental efficiency across all the visible and made from inexpensive material with CMOS compatible large scale manufacturing. (App. No. 62/799,324)).

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