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Liu, C; Falco, Di A; Fratalocchi, A

Observation of superradiant phase transition in quantum chaos Conference


Links | BibTeX | Tags: Decay channels; Optical cavities; Quantum chaos, Quantum theory

Liu, C; Falco, Di A; Fratalocchi, A

Dicke phase transition with multiple superradiant states in quantum chaotic resonators Journal Article

Physical Review X, 4 (2), 2014.

Links | BibTeX | Tags: Analytical predictions; Atomic and molecular physics; Interdisciplinary physics; Photonics crystals; Probability densities; Random matrix theory; Resonance width, Atomic physics; Large scale systems, Quantum theory


Falco, Di A; Krauss, T F; Fratalocchi, A

Lifetime statistics of quantum chaos studied by a multiscale analysis Journal Article

Applied Physics Letters, 100 (18), 2012.

Links | BibTeX | Tags: Energy landscape; Experimental data; Multi scale analysis; Multiscales; Open channels; Pump and probe experiments; Quantum chaos; Random matrix theory; Silicon-on-insulator substrates; Two-dimensional photonic crystals, Physical properties; Physics, Quantum theory