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Toth, L D; Fratalocchi, A

Light propagation in disordered media: From Maxwell equations to a spherical p-spin model and light condensation effects Conference


Links | BibTeX | Tags: Bose-Einstein condensates; Bose-Einstein statistics; Classical systems; Condensation effects; Disordered media; Mode dynamics; Multimode laser; p-Spin models, Bose-Einstein condensation; Condensation; Light; Quantum electronics, Electron optics

Liu, C; Falco, A Di; Krauss, T F; Fratalocchi, A

Rogue waves generated through quantum chaos Conference


Links | BibTeX | Tags: Amplitude probability distributions; Extreme events; Freak wave; Laser systems; Non-linear optical fibers; Quantum chaos; Rayleigh statistics; Rogue waves, Electron optics, Optical fibers; Optics; Probability distributions; Quantum electronics