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Gongora, J S T; Miroshnichenko, A E; Kivshar, Y S; Fratalocchi, A

Nonlinear emission from dark anapole modes and route to all-dielectric metamaterial near-field lasers Conference


Links | BibTeX | Tags: Ab initio simulations; Concept-based; Dark matter; Far field radiation patterns; Maxwell-Bloch equation; Near fields; Nonlinear emissions, Maxwell equations, Quantum noise


Fratalocchi, A; Conti, C; Ruocco, G

Mode competitions and dynamical frequency pulling in Mie nanolasers: 3D ab-initio Maxwell-Bloch computations Journal Article

In: Optics Express, vol. 16, no. 12, pp. 8342-8349, 2008.

Links | BibTeX | Tags: article; computer simulation; equipment; equipment design; instrumentation; laser; optics; radiation scattering; theoretical model; three dimensional imaging, Computer Simulation; Equipment Design; Equipment Failure Analysis; Imaging, Finite difference time domain method, Frequency pulling; Light-matter interactions; Maxwell-bloch; Maxwell-Bloch equation; Mode competition; Nano lasers; Physical scenario; Three-dimensional vectors, Maxwell equations, Radiation, Theoretical; Optics; Scattering, Three-Dimensional; Lasers; Models