ECE325 Advanced Photonics

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Class Notes

Last Update Topics Notes
03 July 2021 Light propagation in anisotropic crystals. Dielectric and susceptibility tensors. Symmetric nature of the Dielectric tensor. lesson 1
03 July 2021 Plane-wave solutions in anisotropic materials. Ellipsoid equation and fields distribution. Birefringence. Classification of solutions into ordinary and extraordinary waves. lesson 2
03 July 2021 Plane wave solutions in uniaxial crystal. Ordinary “o” and extraordinary “e” waves. lesson 3
03 July 2021 Index ellipsoid. Analysis of a generic waveplate retarder system. Ordinary and extraordinary waves. Jones matrices. Half-wave retarder: theory and application. Quarter-wave retarder. lesson 4
03 July 2021 The Electro-Optic effect. General formulation with the electro-optic tensor. Example of application with KDP crystal. Introduction to the electro-optic amplitude modulation of light. lesson 5
03 July 2021 Reduction to diagonal form of the index ellipsoid in the presence of an electric field.. Frequency modulation of light with anisotropic crystals. lesson 6
03 July 2021 Introduction to plasmonic. Macroscopic formulation and classical microscopic theory via free-electron gas model. Plasmon waves. lesson 7
03 July 2021 Waveguide theory via ray optics. Concept of waveguide modes. Slab waveguides. TE-TM dispersion relation. Asymmetric case. lesson 8
03 July 2021 Full vectorial theory of waveguide modes. Mode normalization and orthogonality via Maxwell’s reciprocity.  lesson 9
03 July 2021 Mode completeness. Full wave analysis of planar waveguides.  lesson 10
03 July 2021 Study of planar waveguides by multilayer theory. Transfer matrix approach. TE/TM modes.  lesson 11