Complex Light Energy Harvesting

Research on new process of broadband light energy trapping, storage and harvesting, innovative photovoltaics and thermovoltaics modules, photocatalysis, solar desalination, solar steam generation and carbon zero/carbon negative technologies.

Advanced Material Engineering

Research on new types of network materials that control broadband light at the nanoscale with applications in perfect black-body absorbers, structural coloration, light wavefront engineering via multilevel metasurfaces, and femtosecond laser printing.

Exotic light states and artificial intelligent Photonics

Research on exotic light states including Anapoles, Bound States in the Continuum (BIC), and new light-matter interactions with the aim of creating a new generation of optical neurophotonics integrated chips.

Nano Imaging

Research on complex bio-imaging devices created by plasmonic and dielectric nanostructures for applications in surface enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) for tumor screening and high resolution cellular spectroscopy.

Perfect secrecy

Research on integrated and classical and CMOS compatible optical technologies that can provide global resources of information security via perfect secrecy, i.e., unbreakable cryptography. 

Software development

Research on parallel software development including Time-Dependent Finite-Difference (FDTD) and ab-initio quantum chemistry (TD-DFT) for the study of strong light matter interaction in complex materials.